Our Curriculum

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Our Curriculum is designed to cater perfectly to the different age ranges that attend Little Stars Nursery. This includes everything from developing a sense of self and understanding emotions, to encouraging literacy and numeracy as they enter pre-school. It’s important to us that children who leave Little Stars are well-equipped for the future.

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Our Curriculum Plans

Please find below our parental partnership curriculum plans for babies, toddlers and pre-school.

Our curriculum intent, implementation and impact

Staff at Little Stars focus on supporting children in their Prime and Specific areas of development in becoming confident, independent and passionate about learning, the curriculum intent is fun and challenging and offers experiences to enable all children to achieve their full potential.

Our curriculum has been carefully devised so that it can be adapted to meet all children’s individual needs, skills and experiences. It Implements a balance of adult-led and child-initiated learning.

Throughout your child’s time at Little Stars the curriculum will support them in building special bonds and friendships, encourage them to become confident learners and understand and adhere to routines and boundaries which will build on their self-esteem and resilience and enable them to be independent. As your children grow through the nursery so will the Curriculum and they will be introduced to new experiences that create ‘awe’ and ‘wonder‘ by key workers who continuously reflect on how the teaching and learning is presented through a child’s eyes.

We will continually reflect on the children’s learning weekly and formally monitor their progress on a termly basis, feeding back information and planning children’s next steps alongside their parent(s)/carer(s).

In order to monitor the impact of our children’s early years education we will observe all children through their play as well as ensuring they are making progress which is dependent on their individual ability. We will seek support, advice and guidance for any children who may require extra support.