Childrens Playrooms

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Please find below what we offer in our children’s playrooms for children between the ages of under 2s to 5 years and more about the learning, development including parents evenings.
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Learning & Development

  1. Each child has a key person who is responsible for planning future activities and learning opportunities for your child.
  2. We take our lead from the children and plan for their individual interests.
  3. We also ask for information from you as parents/carers with regards to what your child enjoys doing at home. This enables us to develop your child’s interests within the nursery environment.
  4. Each child has their own learning journey which contains reports, observations, photo sheets, examples of work and home link sheets which parents/carers complete. You can ask to see these and look through them at anytime; however, your child’s key person will go through this with you at our parents’ evening that we have twice per year.
  5. We use visual evidence in the form of photos to display around the nursery and support children’s’ work, which will also be entered in the child’s learning journey.