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Little Stars is committed to working alongside parents/carers to meet children’s individual SEND needs to enable them to develop to their full potential.

We will have a designated member of staff to be the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and ensure staff and parents/carers are aware of who these are.

The nursery is committed to working with any child who has a specific need and/or disability and for making reasonable adjustments to enable them to make use of all the facilities at Little Stars. All children have access to the curriculum we deliver and the right to a broad and stimulating early learning environment. Prior to a child’s first session at Little Stars, we feel that their enrolment period is an ideal time to get to know their individual learning needs, what they can do and where we can support them, particularly if they have a Special educational need and/or disability. All children have the opportunity to a 2 hour, free of charge, settling in session. During this session will be a time for the Key person to introduce themselves to the child and their parents/carers and spend time with them getting to know the child and family. If it is felt that the child needs a longer period of time settling in the nursery will accommodate this to suit the child’s needs. As part of this session parents/carers will be asked to fill out documents to support their child’s development including what they know and can do, what they feel they need support with and what their individual interests are so that the child’s key person and practitioners in their room can use this to ensure they have access to a provision that is going to be stimulating for the child and builds on previous experiences and what they know and can do. Parents/carers are constantly informed of their child’s learning and development either through general discussion during drop-off and pick-up, Tapestry observations or parent’s evenings. Parents/carers are encouraged to ask any questions they may have regarding their child’s development whenever they feel necessary to do so and we encourage feedback from parents/carers to enable us to use this within the setting to improve our practice.

We will have a designated member of staff to be the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and ensure staff and parents/carers are aware of who these are. Ensure that the provision for children with learning disabilities and/or difficulties is the responsibility of all members of staff in the nursery. Ensure that our physical environment is as suitable as possible for children and adults with disabilities. Work closely with parents/carers to ensure a positive relationship is formed and maintained to support the child. Ensure that parents/carers are informed at all stages of the assessment, planning and review of their child’s education. Provide parents with information on sources of independent advice and support. Liaise with other professionals involved with the child and their families including transitioning to other settings and schools. Use the graduated response system for identifying, assessing and responding to children’s special educational needs. Provide differentiated activities for all children’s individual needs. Use a system which plans, implements, monitors and evaluates specific strategies for children’s individual learning needs on a My Support Plan alongside parents and considering their views at all times. Review My Support Plans and hold these meeting with parents and update them on any new strategies that have been put in place. Refer children to outside agencies if we feel they require more support than we’re able to provide them with and continuously work alongside these agencies and parents/carers. Monitor and review our policy annually.

If a child hasn’t already been identified as needing additional support before they start with us at Little Stars, the following process is what we will do. We have devised an ‘Early Intervention File’ which contains children who are of a concern as they aren’t ‘on track’ with our curriculum. Evidence such as observations and home-link sheets are gathered from practitioners to build a picture of the child’s individual needs. An in-house My Support Plan is devised between the SENCOs, child’s key person and parents/carers with strategies to meet the individual child’s learning needs. These plans are reviewed in a timely manner and either adapted and extended or arrangements are made with outside agencies with parents’ permission. In our ‘Early Intervention’ file all updates are recorded. I.E, updates on children’s development, conversations with parent’s/carers, conversations with outside agencies, my support plans and permissions from parent’s/carers. The idea of the Early Intervention file is that the SENCo’s and key workers can work together alongside parent’s/carers ‘in-house’ to support the child and hopefully put strategies in place in order to enhance their learning before involving outside agencies.

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