Little Stars Day Nursery Tapestry

Tapestry an easy-to-use and secure online learning journal helping staff and families celebrate their children’s learning and development.


How to add observations from home to your child’s Tapestry account

When you log onto Tapestry in the left hand corner there is a button that says ‘add observation’ click on this.


Once you have clicked ‘add observation’ the screen below will appear. If you have more than one child assigned to the account it will ask you to ‘select child’. Once you have added the child all you the need to do is put the title of your observation and then write in the ‘notes’ box whatever you would like to share with your child’s key person.

add observation

When you have completed your observation you can also add pictures or videos by clicking on the ‘add files’ button. Once you have selected the file you would like to add you then click the ‘start upload’ button and this will upload your media to the observation.

observation upload

Once you have added the media all you have to do is click ‘save’ and the file will be added to your Tapestry account so that your child’s key worker is able to view all the fun things they have been doing at home with you.

Resetting your password for Tapestry

When setting up your Tapestry account we discard of any personal information including usernames and passwords.

If you are having trouble logging on and need to reset your password, please log on to