Security Features

little star
There are multiple security features in place at Little Stars Nursery. A combination of six-way entry on the main nursery doors, handsets with monitors to see outside, an intercom handset and coded door systems across playrooms all ensure the children at Little Stars can enjoy learning and playing in a safe environment.

Our security features include:

  1. A six way door entry system on the main nursery doors
  2. All rooms have handsets with TV monitors to see outside
  3. Intercom system so staff can speak to people via the handset, therefore not having to let anyone into the nursery
  4. Coded door system across all playrooms of which only staff know the codes
  5. Passwords are required on children’s registration forms and are purely on a ‘need to know basis’
  6. Outdoor areas are fenced with double panel fencing standing 1.8 metres high.