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Little Stars Day Nursery Menu Examples

Our menus operate on a four weekly rota, to provide a wide variety of healthy and nutritious hot meals for the children. An example of one of the weeks is below:

Our food standards Agency rating Allergy Warning Nutritional Information
Download our up-to-date menu below

Please download our latest menus here, any queries please do contact us

The Below is an example of what our snack, dinners and dinner menus will provide, please download our latest menu here


Chicken breast with baby boiled potatoes and broccoli. Beef casserole with oven baked potato croquettes and cauliflower cheese. Tomato and broccoli bake with sweetcorn and courgettes. Sausage and Yorkshire pudding with diced potatoes and carrots. Fish fingers with mashed potatoes and garden peas.
Chocolate mousse. Fruit and jelly. Apple crumble with custard. Rice pudding. Banana and toffee flan.

Morning Snack

(Snacks will also include a savoury item such as rice cakes, biscuits and bread sticks)

Banana Raisins Satsuma Cucumber Apple

Afternoon Snack

Apple Grapes Apricots Pear Raisins


Sandwich buffet selection with cheese, egg mayonnaise ham, tuna mayonnaise served with carrot, cucumber, and celery sticks.

Total Fruit & Vegetable Portions Per Day

Five a Day Five a Day Five a Day Five a Day Five a Day Five a Day Five a Day Five a Day Five a Day Five a Day